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Model 810
Challenger® EV
12-volts 125 Decibels
310/380 Hz Solenoid Operated

Model 810 Challenger® EV 12-volts 125 Decibels  310/380 Hz Solenoid Operated

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Model 810 Challenger® EV 12-volts 125 Decibels  310/380 Hz Solenoid Operated


The Model 810 is a high pressure roof mount air horn powered by an on-board air system. Challenger EV produces an ultra-powerful, big rig alerting sound, controlled by a 12-volt heavy-duty electric solenoid valve. The horns’ base is painted black enamel and both trumpets have a bright chrome finish, which will dress up any vehicle big or small. Installation is made easy with Wolo’s new flexible inlet hose, with brass fittings, that is hidden from view. Included is a two piece on-board high pressure air system consisting of a 2-1/2 liter steel air storage tank, with a built-in pressure switch and a heavy-duty high-pressure compressor. All moving parts of the compressor are manufactured to Wolo’s strict standards. The compressor motor is carefully balanced and the mounting bracket has rubber bushings, to virtually eliminate all vibration. A 20 foot coiled air hose with brass fittings is included to inflate shocks, rafts and other applications, note air system is not designed to inflate applications requiring a large volume such as vehicle tires. Included in kit is; wire, horn switch, high-pressure hose, flexible inlet hose, stainless steel mounting hardware and a rubber gasket for a watertight installation. Instruction in English / Spanish.

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125 Decibels
310/380 Hz – Low Range
Horn size: L 17 in. x W 7 in. x H 5 in.
Horn output with 90/110 psi: 125 db
Horn construction: All metal, base - painted black enamel, trumpets - chrome plated
Compressor: 12-volt, 1.38 cfm
Compressor current: 10 amp
Compressor size: L 6-1/8 in. x W 3-1/2 in. x H 5-1/8 in.
Tank: Steel 2 1/2 liter
Tank size: L 9 in. x W 5 in. x H 5-3/4 in.
Tank pressure switch: 90-on/110-off psi
Challenger EV: Electric solenoid 12 volts / 300 milliamps
Hose type: 1/4 in. O.D.
Air fittings: Brass
Mounting hardware: Stainless steel

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