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Model 7015-BR
Infinity® 1 Blue & Red Lens
(Drivers side blue)
12-Volt Halogen

Model 7015-BR / Infinity® 1 Blue & Red Lens (Drivers side blue)

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Model 7015-BR / Infinity® 1 Blue & Red Lens (Drivers side blue)


The WOLO-INFINITY 1 light bar, produces a powerful beam of light that is unobstructed 360 degrees. It’s unique designed has dual-levels of warning lights, five powerful rotating lights on the top level and four secondary high power flashing marker lights on the lower level. All lenses are made of strong polycarbonate optically enhanced and are replaceable. A rubber gasket is built into the upper lens to ensure a watertight seal to the light’s base. INFINITY 1 is maintenance free and offers more light features then most other light bars that cost more. Top left and right sections have a total of four powerful halogen-rotating lights with a diagonal mirror between the rotating lights, for greater visibility. The top center section has a high power halogen rotating lighthouse lens which magnifies and increases light produced, to be seen at a greater distance. Infinity 1 features: takedown lights, left and right alley lights, illuminated control panel with three (3) rocker switches, stainless steel mounting straps and 20 ft. power cable. Included is an installation manual.

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Installation Details

Model 7015-BR / Infinity® 1 Blue & Red Lens PDF (English)


Electrical Specification: 12-volt
Halogen rotating warning lights: 4 rotates and center lighthouse rotator / 14.25 amps
Marker lights: 4 lights / 8.5 amps
Marker light bulb type: use only 1156 or Sylvania P21W, 12 volt.
Alley and takedown lights: 4.10 amps
Two high power ALLEY lights
Two high power TAKEDOWN lights
Four high power flashing MARKER lights
Power cable-20 ft. heavy gauge wire
Illuminated control panel has three-(3) rocker switches for independent control of: Halogen Rotating Warning Lights – Marker Lights – Alley & Takedown Lights
Flashes per minute:
Top section left & right sides: 4 Halogen rotating lights and two diagonal mirrors provide 380 FPM
Top center section: 1 Halogen rotating light with lighthouse style lens 100 FPM Lower section: 4 Flashing marker lights 132 FPM Electrical
Stainless steel mounting straps
Dimensions: L 48 in x W 12-1/2 in. x H 9 in.

Replacement Parts N/A
Sound Options No